5 Best Free VPN for Chrome in India 2023

If you are looking for a Free VPN for chrome in India, there are several VPNs available, some of them Atlas VPN, Surfshark VPN, proton VPN and many more. These VPNs are safe and run on an Indian server which can give free access to different country locations many of them have free access but many of them are widely paid also which are providing premium services.

Benefits of having a free VPN on Chrome

Having a VPN doesn’t mean that you’re doing illegal activities, it is in the hand of users what they choose from VPN. If someone wants to do illegal activities they will not wait for VPN they can do the work without VPN also. So, the VPN is used for work purposes if you are a professional and can be used on mobile, chrome, and tablets.

Today,s generation every country is becoming digitally connected with the global internet in which users know all the information around the world but there is some censorship in every country that protects the country’s citizen interest Like some of the websites, apps, and digital platforms are not running in the country but many users are working on that platform in which they need genuine license VPN.

Now, VPN is made to stay private online and it secures an encrypted connection between the internet & computer that provides a private bridge for your data and communication to use the censored and uncensored public network. There are many benefits of having a VPN when you use it either on mobile or computer because it is made for both devices either you use mobile or you can use the computer it can run smoothly on both devices.

Benefits of VPN

  • VPNs in India are legal and always prefer the Licence VPN which is provided by the government of the country that would be safe for use.
  • VPN Can also be helpful to connect with another country’s website which is not visible and it is a legal website where users can get the benefits of another website that is not showing.
  • You can download the VPN app on mobile and access a safe server that makes internet traffic safe and secure.
  • You can connect to the server and browse the internet safely in many locations.
  • Streaming services also hide the content for many countries and by using the VPN you can easily watch the streaming website services content in your home country.

Although there are many VPNs that give more features to access the server location in a different country and provide safe internet browsing, in different countries with other servers in the same region, the premium service is provided by the reputed company. However, in a free VPN, you can use some servers with limited country access servers.
In Free VPN some of the features are not available but you can easily use the services without any interference and know about the VPN services in the free services.

Best free VPN for Chrome 2023 List

The Free VPN For chrome is many but here we discuss some of the best free VPNs for chrome which can be used in chrome browser free cost with the best service in Chrome browser. There are a number of VPNs available in the chrome web store, which is a trusted and not trusted extension but here we have selected some of the best free VPNs to use without any issues.
Most of the Free VPNs for Chrome is badly secured, which can limit your usage and slow down your speed 7 many of the extension is getting profit by selling the data to an untrusted party that put your privacy at high risk.

1. Windscribe VPN

On chrome, it is one of the best VPNs in terms of service for free and paid users
to use as a service. In Every free concept, there is some limitation to using their service but you have to check whether it is meeting your needs or not which all depend on your requirement.
In Windscribe there are many features like your current physical location, blocking the ads, and the trackers. These are the main features but it needs a desktop or a laptop to function properly and with the free plan windscribe you will get 10 GB monthly data free after the signup and confirm your email address after signing up. Although if you choose the Paid plan then you will get the benefits of unlimited data access and many more servers in 69 countries for 112 different cities.

Windscribe vpn for chrome
Windscribe VPN for chrome

Advantages of Windscribe VPN

  1. Providing 10 GB Data for Free.
  2. Accessing the blocked website and the content.
  3. Monitoring the website cookies to analyze the data
  4. After using the windscribe VPN No data is kept on the server.
  5. Extension and App are both available.

Disadvantages of Windscribe VPN-

  1. Limitation in Free Plan.
  2. Required the sign up to use their service.

Download Windscribe

2. Zenmate VPN

Zenmate is also a free VPN in which you can access the fast internet and it is also an interesting choice to choose the zenmate as an extension and the app. If your facing a problem with the site is not opening then you can choose zenmate to recheck the website by adding an extension in chrome because It provides some access to the site by using VPN.
In Zenmate VPN you can hide your IP when using the fast internet there are a number of sites available but you can choose only 4 that are available in the Free Version and the rest of the sites are paid.
Zenmate always ensures that your IP Address will be hidden while your browsing the internet and there is also a dedicated section where you can check the streaming services which are very popular services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus, and many more streaming service providers.
Zenmate claims to have a Zero-logging Policy which is meant to be very secure for the user activity in which zenmate does not store any logs activity of the user.

Zenmate VPN for chrome
Zenmate VPN for chrome

Advantages of Zenmate VPN

  1. No need to sign up for the chrome extension. Just add and use the service.
  2. Provide a Fast and secure service.
  3. Hide the IP while using the service which makes better performance when using the service.

Disadvantages of Zenmate VPN-

  1. No Protection from the Flash player when using the zen mate.
  2. Only 4 location is available in the free version
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Download Zemate

3. VeePN VPN

If you are looking for the best free VPN for chrome then VeePN is also a good choice to use as an extension or you can download the app from the play store. In VeePN you will get unlimited traffic and bandwidth with many more features which are used to get connected to other servers that provide accessibility in different locations.

In the VeePN you can also access the blocked websites without any disturbance it allows the websites and also protects you from trackers and hackers. In the Free version of VeePN, you will get six servers but in paid or premium servers you will get more than 2900 servers over 89 countries‘ accessibility to use as VPN.
The best thing about VeePN is it doesn’t force you to sign up, you just need to add a chrome extension and use this extension without signing up, and it will work smoothly without any issues. The Free VeePN VPN not only protects from hackers and trackers, but it is also helping in blocking ads and claims to have a no-log policy that is reliable for customer service.
The main thing is to consider while adding the VeePN VPN as an extension that you will use only an extension for VPN and if you are using more than one extension at the same time then it may cause some issues when connecting. So to avail of this service you need to use one extension at the same time for using the VPN.

VeePN Extension For Chrome
VeePN Extension For Chrome

Advantages of VeePN VPN

  1. No Need to Sign up for an extension.
  2. Unlimited traffic bandwidth.
  3. A total of 6 Free servers are available to use in the free version.
  4. No-log policy is available when using a VPN.

Disadvantages of VeePN VPN

  1. One VPN extension at the same time.
  2. Limited Country Servers.

Download VeePN Extension

4. Surfshark VPN

In terms of VPN SurfShark is one of the premium VPNs which can help you to get connected with other locations with many features like fastest, secure, and reliable. Surfshark VPN provides an unlimited number of devices connected simultaneously because of providing unlimited data. one of the best reasons to use surfshark is to provide the fastest speed without any issues and protect the data security as well.
Surfshark VPN has more than 3200 servers in 100 Countries and it has also an antivirus that protects you from cyber threats which makes the VPN more strong & reliable to access without any issues on your phone or desktop.
Some of the main functions in Surfshark while adding in chrome extension is that it hides your IP Address also encrypts your connection. If you are a movie and show lover then surfshark will be a good choice to stream video by unblocking the geo-restricted sites and you can remove the annoying cookies request from the websites this VPN.
The Surfshark is available free for 7 days as a trial period for both mobile and desktop versions but if you like their service you can easily make a payment after the signup.

Surfshark Chrome For Extension
Surfshark Chrome For Extension

Advantages of Surfshark VPN

  1. More than 3200 servers are available which are globally connected.
  2. Hiding the IP Address while using.
  3. No-logs Policy in Surfshark which makes safe browsing.

Disadvantages of Surfshark VPN

  1. 7 Days trial period access only.

Download Surfshark Extension

5. CyberGhost VPN

It is also one of the recommended VPNs for chrome and has many characteristics for use as an extension for quick and easy-to-unblock websites. In the CyberGhost VPN, the browsing traffic is encrypted in a form that makes it safe to browse in connecting with any other server the main reason it is in our list because Cyberghost VPN is based on the Ethereum blockchain to keep your data safe and secure because Ethereum blockchain is designed in such way that hackers can’t steal any data from this blockchain that blockchain is used in the crypto world.

If you think that blockchain in this extension is expensive then don’t worry about the expansiveness it is already included in this extension as a service of VPN. So it can be used when you add it to a chrome extension with a simple step to add in extension which needs installation first from the google web store then add it as chrome then finally select the location to which you want to connect then last press the power button to start the VPN.

Some of the main features of using CyberGhost are that it can hide the IP Address and help you to access the geo-location restricted website. It protects your device when you connect to Public Wifi which can be harmful somewhere but Cyberghost makes this service protected from public Wifi.

In CyberGhost Premium Version, you can connect up to 7 Devices that promise faster speed and none of your data will store on their servers. Although VPN Can promise you to protect from problems on the internet the main drawback is it can’t protect you from the Flash Content on the limited sites of a Free version of the VPN.

Cyberghost VPN For Chrome
Cyberghost VPN For Chrome

Advantages of CyberGhost VPN

  1. For the protection of Users, it uses the Ethereum blockchain service.
  2. Helps in hiding the IP Address of the devices.
  3. Providing Access to geo-restricted websites.
  4. Helps in providing the security of Public Wi-fi.

Disadvantages of CyberGhost VPN

  1. Only 4 locations can be used in the Free Version.

Download CyberGhost VPN

Free VPN vs Paid VPN

In VPN there are two services one is paid and the other is free on the other hand, some of the services are in a trial based on several days. Here we will discuss the paid and free VPN service in India for chrome which is useful or not and some of their limitations while using the VPN Service. Although a Free VPN is attractive for all Paid VPNs are the best option as they don’t limit your experience.

Free VPNPaid VPN
In a free VPN, there is always a cap on data in the extension or in the app.In the Paid VPN there is no cap facility available, you can avail as much as per the plan
Small Speed Process for VPN.Fast Speed Process in their services.
Get the Free VPN for a limited time and you can check whether the service is working or not.In Paid VPN you can’t check the service after payment which is not a good sign to test the service.
Limited Server Access.Unlimited Server Access but which is available in VPNs.
Conclusion Of VPN For Chrome:

In this post, we have Shared Free VPN Service information which is available in India to use the VPN for Chrome extension. So if you want to test the VPN then the Free version is the best choice to try for some days otherwise paid VPN is a good choice to use for the work.
Always keep in mind that a Free VPN will be never better than a paid one and the best VPN extensions for chrome is always secure that give speed when connecting to different servers.

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