Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions and Tools for Web Developer


Every Designer or Developer want to make there website or product make perfect so it is important for him to use best tools during developing. These tool play a very important role during development.

Chrome extensions are the best tools and have multi useful tools which are very famous in the world.Lot of developers use this tools and increase productivity of there product.Chrome extensions or tools helps to speed up or audit your web development project.These top 5 chrome extension and tools list help the every developers in the development. Generally  we call a Chrome’s Dev Tools.Used by adding in our browser.

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1) ColorZilla


ColorZilla is a cross-platform chrome and Mozilla extension use for getting or reading color from any where in the browser. ColorZilla is one of the best extension for web designer ColorZilla helps the designer to pick the best and required color from any where of the browser. ColorZilla easily extract color from any web page or from any medium and save it. ColorZilla getting a color HEX code which can easily use in our project. ColorZilla Generator is the best in this top 5 list.

We can also analyze the color according to our requirement and use this color.It is free extension and use in Chrome and Mozila browser.


2) WhatFont

Second in this list is WhatFont this extension is very important and very useful for every developer . It is the easiest way to find the font-family or fonts of any text or paragraph.

Whatfont extract many thing from the web page such as style, font-weight, font-size, line height, color which are very important for any web page. WhatFont make our work very easy and our web design become very attractive. WhatFont is also add in Mozilla browser.

Find out font and other information used in any website by easily hovering over the text on the web page and get all info.


3) lorem ipsum generator

Best ever chrome extension personally I prefer this extension.This extension provide dummy or default text which helps use during creating website where a lot of content need so the this extension helps. Lorem ipsum Generator is the best in this top 5 list.According to the Google policy no body can use others content or copy a code but during a designing content is required so this extension helps. Lorem ipsum Generator quickly generate many line of text by the selecting.There are many options which can select according to the requirement such as paragraph, words, bytes, lists. Lorem ipsum Generator is useful extension.

lorem ipsum

4) Clear Cache

Caching is very big issue for every web developer caching create speed issue and doesn’t load very fast for solving this issue Clear Cache extension is very useful and best to clear browser cache by clicking single button.Clear Cache allow us to remove cookies, old history, plugins, data  and many other unwanted things from the browser.Clear Cache delete cookies globally.Clear Cache is the best in this top 5 list extension.

clear cache


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5) CSS-Shack

CSS –Shack is use for designing a mockup or landing page this extension export all of the work into a CSS file. CSS Shack work like other photo editing tool for making our web page attractive so this extension is important and very useful.Before this extension developers always use many other photo editing tools or software which are not very effective or useful for developers.CSS Shack provide a power to the designer to make a attractive and good design.CSS-Shack is very useful for beginners who doesn’t know every things also pro like this tool very much.

css shack

Page Ruler

One extra extension is page ruler is useful for measuring objects in any web page.They can measure height and weight in pixels which helps the developers to make the design according to the size or layout.It is very popular tool provided by the chrome extension library just clicking on the tool icon and get the dimensions in pixel.

page ruler


Another list of most famous Chrome Extensions which are also very useful for designers.

  • LightShot
  • Site Palette
  • Window Resizer
  • DevTools Autosave
  • Perfect Pixel
  • Check My Links


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